Facts about Senior Photography!!

Tip #1 Timing is Key

*The phrase “better late than never” doesn’t apply to high school senior portrait sessions. Because of strict deadlines for yearbook photos, graduation parties, and order processing, it’s SO important to get your pictures done “sooner rather than later.”

A good time to book your senior session is during the summer/early fall. Many high school’s have an early deadline for yearbook photos and missing that deadline would mean high school memories lost.

Tip #2 What To Wear

*This is the BIGGEST concern we hear from our high school seniors. What you wear is not as important as how you feel wearing it. We like to tell our seniors (and all clients) you should wear something you know you’ll feel confident in. It may show off your features, like your sparkling eyes or your tan arms or long legs. Or it’s your favorite color blue. Whatever the reason, wear something you love.Dress as if you’re out for a nice dinner or school function. For girls, we suggest either a dress, flowy skirt, or your favorite pair of blue jeans. For guys, we think button ups look nice or single colored T’s with a pair of nice pants/jeans. We suggest a maximum of 3 outfit changes for diversity, but anymore than this and you spend more time changing clothes than taking photos!

Tip #3 Choosing Your Location

*You are the luckiest high school senior in America. Know why? Because you live in such a beautiful state! You literally have mountains in your backyard. Location for senior portraits are limitless and incomparable to any place in the US. From rivers to valleys to mountain tops, you can choose to have your senior portrait anywhere you’d like (within reason!). If you can’t think of any location, we provide beautiful options like wooded areas, fields of flowers, rocky canyons or rustic barnyards.

Tip #4 Make up, unexpected skin problems and a few other tips

*Ladies, you do not need to go overboard on make up! Its absolutely up to you if you want your make up done professionally (we can suggest great people) or do you own. The key is to still look like yourself, just polished. Guys, if you are prone to razor burn when shaving, take into consideration to give your skin time to adjust before your session. Don't stress if you want up to a blemish on your-we can easily photoshop them out for you. Another tip we love, the night ahead of your scheduled shoot, get a decent night sleep, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and for your skin to look its best.

Tip #6 Preparing for your Next Adventure

*Your photos are done, your grad cards are sent out, and your products are ordered. You’ve finished your senior pictures and now you have all these great photographs in your home, on your mantle and in albums to share with your family and friends.

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